Century 21: Our advice to property sellers

Century 21: Our advice to property sellers

Are you planning on selling your property in Tzaneen? It can be a difficult task if you have little to no network on a surplus of buyers. Luckily, Century 21 is here to help you find the best buyer for your property! All you have to do is post a property listing on our website and we’ll do the work for you for a minimum amount fee and since it is hard to sell a property without background, our experts made a list of advice for you. Check it out below: 


The old-school strategy of a Seller sitting back and folding his or her arms whilst holding out for a better offer will ensure that potential homebuyers look elsewhere. Statistics show that of homes that took four months or more to sell in the past year, almost half of their owners accepted less than 90 per cent of the asking price (according to the National Association of Realtors).

 A CENTURY 21 Tzaneen property professional can produce the latest comparable sales including short sales and foreclosures, as well as a recent summary of sales prices versus original list prices. This will help you price your property right, and thus make it a saleable property!


Be ready to bend over backwards, forwards and sideways to accommodate real estate Buyers. Sellers should be ready and willing to negotiate and offer extras such as transfer costs, renovations (or a cash credit), appliances, curtaining, paid levies, etc to sell their homes. It is a Buyers’ Market, so Sellers do not have the luxury of sitting back and waiting for their homes to sell ‘Voetstoots’. 

CENTURY 21 Property Professionals will listen intently to prospective homebuyers’ misgivings about the home and they will give you that feedback. You, as a seller, should act on this feedback accordingly and immediately – that is, if you are serious about selling your home. 


CENTURY 21 uses the latest technology and marketing techniques to sell property: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Blogs, YouTube, Websites…. you name it, we do it. Hire a listing agent steeped in various tech platforms, as sellers and buyers are routinely using Facebook and other social media to sell and seek, not to mention dozens of online selling sites. 

CENTURY 21 will even make YouTube videos to showcase your homes online, making it easier to quickly link to potential buyers. If your agent is not online or mobile, don’t use them! 


Fraudsters are targeting distressed homeowners with ‘deals’ that can sound perfectly legit. Be forewarned: Never sign blank documents or documents with blank lines. If you’re unsure of an offer, have an attorney or other trusted adviser look it over.